Providing proactive advice

At WorkBoost, we develop proactive advice by integrating daily learning experiences, behavioral reinforcement and rewards for experimentation. Encourage growth and value in your team.

The ability to give proactive advice is an important skill in many professions. It means not only responding to questions or problems from customers or colleagues, but also actively seeking ways to help them. But how do you develop this skill and how can you improve it further?

Proactive advice with WorkBoost

At WorkBoost, we believe that developing proactive consulting skills starts with a strong foundation of knowledge and self-confidence. This means continuing to challenge yourself to learn new information. It is also crucial to expand your expertise in your field.

With WorkBoost, you can strengthen this foundation by using the latest insights from science development. Our method integrates nudging, gamification and boosting techniques to promote learning and improve performance. By offering short daily learning experiences that are easy to follow in daily work, employees can expand their knowledge and skills and increase their self-confidence.

Changes in behavior

But proactive counseling skills also require a change in attitude and behavior. It requires you to actively look for ways to help and identify opportunities to add value. It means being willing to take risks and sometimes step outside your comfort zone.

To support this behavior change, WorkBoost offers a holistic solution. Our method focuses not only on knowledge development, but also on improving behavior and self-confidence. Through the BoostCoins and other rewards offered for trying new skills or taking on challenges, experimentation and risk-taking can be encouraged.

But developing proactive counseling skills also requires practice and feedback. Employees should have the opportunity to put their skills into practice and see how their advice is received and used. This can be accomplished through simulations, role-playing games and other forms of hands-on experience. Feedback from peers and supervisors can also be valuable to further develop and improve skills.

In short, developing proactive counseling skills requires a combination of knowledge, confidence, attitude and behavior. With the right approach and support, WorkBoost can help your team develop and strengthen these skills. By learning, experimenting and receiving feedback daily, employees can help themselves and their team perform better and add more value to their organization.

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