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WorkBoost leverages AI software to achieve true personal development in education.

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WorkBoost facilitates the transition to 'the new learning'.

WorkBoost offers several solutions to support teachers and students. WorkBoost software makes it possible to support the personal development needs of teachers and students. The comprehensive toolset provided by the WorkBoost software supports the transformation to the new learning through greater insight, more focus on one’s learning pathway and more automation.

Developing learning outcomes

Boost development in learning outcomes with flexible technology.

WorkBoost provides training and courses with the tools to boost development on learning outcomes. By developing students in a personalized way on requested personal skills, WorkBoost makes development on learning outcomes more flexible and tangible. Students formulate their own developmental goal, within the required learning outcome, developing on the skills that match their developmental needs. Teachers receive clear insights into the progression of the students.

Soft-skills development

Boost the soft-skills students need through personalized learning pathways.

With WorkBoost, students are supported in developing in their soft-skills. Students choose the soft-skill in which they want to develop, WorkBoost generates micro-learnings that match this development need and the personal development context of the student, and the students can get started! This develops students in the soft-skills they care about, in a truly personal way. Students receive reflection and/or evaluation reports that can be used for feedback and/or assessment. Teachers receive insights into the development needs and activities of students.

Teacher roles

Boost the role of the teacher. Give teachers room to develop as well.

In the new education system, in which students’ learning paths are becoming increasingly individualized,
other competencies and skills are expected of teachers. WorkBoost helps teachers
fill this gap. Personalized learning paths with micro-learnings are provided for each teacher.
generated and offered in sprints. Reports summarize progress.


Boost development during internships and thesis periods with WorkBoost Software's personal guidance.

WorkBoost can contribute to internship support in two ways. On the one hand, WorkBoost develops the soft skills relevant to both the person and the internship; on the other hand, it helps the student prepare the internship report. At regular intervals, WorkBoost encourages the student to provide components of the internship report through draft components based on the student’s input. In this way, the student is supported in writing the report without undermining the critical thinking process.

Encouraging self-direction

Boost students' self-management by letting them determine their own learning pathway.

It is essential for students to discover who they are, where their qualities lie and what their passions are. Developing this self-knowledge during training or career steps is crucial for a good start in the job market. WorkBoost offers targeted, personalized exercises and insights that help scholars and students take charge in this process.

Thesis Guidance

Boost development during internships and thesis periods with WorkBoost Software's personal guidance.


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