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WorkBoost leverages AI software to enable true personal development with as little as 5 minutes a day.

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WorkBoost facilitates personal development with minimal time investment.

WorkBoost offers several solutions to support managers and employees. WorkBoost Software makes it possible to support the personal development needs of managers and employees. The comprehensive toolset provided by the WorkBoost Software supports various development processes such as PDPs, re-integrations, trainee development, and more. Enable true personal development for all employees within your organization.

Personal development plan (PDP)

Boost your employees' development with Workboost's flexible PDP solutions.

Workboost offers a personalized solution for
organizations using Personal Development Plans (PDPs). WorkBoost generates micro-learnings based on the specific development goals within the employee’s PDP and context, creating a personalized learning experience. Employees receive assignments that take as little as 5 minutes and are perfectly suited to the delusion of the day. This approach allows employees to focus on their professional growth and competencies in a flexible and efficient manner. Workboost ensures that development is not only relevant, but also directly applicable in daily practice.

Further training and retraining

Make continuing education and retraining effective and fun by boosting employees.

WorkBoost supports employees in their upskilling or retraining with personalized micro-learnings specific to their work environment and the desired skills for their new position. By taking into account the employee’s context, WorkBoost provides a personalized and relevant learning experience. Employees receive short, five-minute assignments that are immediately applicable in their daily work. Moreover, they are motivated by gamification elements, making learning not only effective, but also fun and engaging.

Trainee development

Boost trainees with truly personalized guidance during their development.

WorkBoost supports the mentoring of trainees through personal micro-learnings and targeted questions about learning needs and successes. Coaches and managers receive valuable insights into trainees’ development and expectations. Through detailed reports, WorkBoost saves preparation time for progress, feedback, and career conversations, making those conversations more effective. This keeps the focus on the development of the trainees within the organization, without taking much extra time.

Personal Development
Competency development

Boost development during internships and thesis periods with WorkBoost Software's personal guidance.

With WorkBoost, employees are supported in developing specific competencies through personal microlearning that matches the employee’s work context and development needs. The employee indicates which competency is the focus and then states why. Then WorkBoost generates micro learnings that perfectly match the employee. As a result, employees develop in the competence they care about, in a truly personal way. Employees receive reflection and/or evaluation reports that can be used for feedback and/or assessment. Managers or coaches receive insights into the employee’s development needs and activities.

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