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We are WorkBoost.

We promote personal growth and success in all sectors by activating individuals and teams and creating inspiring learning and working environments.

WorkBoost: Why we exist

The philosophy behind WorkBoost is rooted in the research of Dr. Jason Gawke. This groundbreaking work provided the foundation for the official establishment of WorkBoost in 2021.

Our mission

Where people learn, people will flourish. That is the mantra of WorkBoost. From the start, our goal is to support each person in experiencing development moments on a daily basis. We secure this vision through our scientific method combined with state-of-the-art software. In this way we guarantee the quality and effectiveness of the WorkBoost method and ensure that everyone develops with the latest insights on learning and development. This is why we get out of bed!

Our story

During his research on intrapreneurship, Dr. Jason Gawke discovered that existing methods for promoting learning and development behaviors were deficient in scientific foundation and scalability. His vision was simple: learning had to be fun and based on relevant statistics to help people achieve their learning goals. After 7 years of research and conversations with more than 100 stakeholders, he laid the groundwork for WorkBoost, founded in March 2021.

  • March 2021 WorkBoost takes its first steps! WorkBoost is entering a new phase by participating in the incubator program of Utrecht Inc. This marks the transition from an idea to a scalable product and service.
  • July 2021 WorkBoost has launched its first Minimum Viable Product (MVP). In this phase, we are focused on learning and growing from experiences and so-called 'intelligent mistakes.'
  • November 2022 WorkBoost is undergoing an evolution; with the growth of our team, we are expanding our services. In an effort to provide the most valuable service, we are experimenting with artificial intelligence and automation.
  • Januari 2023 Las Vegas, here we come! We have been invited for a trade mission with the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations to the United States. We won't return empty-handed: we've been awarded the prestigious CES 2023 Innovation Award!
  • Juli 2023 Our combination of artificial intelligence and the WorkBoost Methodology is live! Ready to take our clients' individual and team development to a new level!

The Leadership Team


Jason Gawke

Jason Born to Boost
Our inspiring visionary. He's the mastermind behind WorkBoost and continues to bubble with fantastic ideas that inspire us all.

Niek Bos

Chief of Happy Money
Our commercial architect. He brews plans to not only attract customers but also to widen their smiles and keep them as our biggest fans.

Justin Robertson

Chief of All the Tech Stuff
Our seasoned tech wizard. Leads our tech team with precision and ensures that all our ideas come to life with the latest technologies.

Martijn Huisman

Chief of Getting Things Done
Our all-encompassing future predictor. He ensures that we're not only financially and operationally sound in the present but also ready for the future.

Jacco Schuur

Chief of the Enduring Smile
Our witty jack-of-all-trades. He keeps a keen eye on our customers and does everything to make sure they always leave with a smile on their face

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