Duurzame competenties ontwikkelen

Develop sustainable competencies

Sustainable competencies are essential for growth. WorkBoost, an innovative tool, offers personalized learning experiences, nudging, gamification and regular feedback to help employees with sustained development.

Developing competencies is important for both the personal and professional growth of employees. It helps them perform their tasks effectively and efficiently, and it improves their long-term performance. However, it is also important that the competencies employees develop are sustainable. They must remain relevant and applicable in changing circumstances.

Activating sustainable competencies can be challenging for organizations because it requires employees to continually develop and learn. Fortunately, WorkBoost can help with this. WorkBoost is an innovative tool that combines the latest scientific insights with innovative software to improve employee development.

With WorkBoost, organizations can help their employees develop sustainable competencies by providing personalized learning experiences tailored to each employee’s individual needs. WorkBoost uses nudging techniques to encourage employees to learn and develop, and uses gamification to make learning fun and engaging.

With WorkBoost, organizations can also secure the development of sustainable competencies by offering regular feedback and coaching. WorkBoost allows managers to track employees’ progress and provide feedback on their performance. This enables employees to continue to develop.

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