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WorkBoost places comprehensive personal development within your reach.

WorkBoost uses innovative solutions to fully personalize development. WorkBoost’s software provides microlearnings, nudges and insights that match the individual’s development needs. WorkBoost offers teachers, coaches and managers insights into individual development. Along with gamification elements, WorkBoost provides a development experience that is lasting.


Boost your development a little every day.

WorkBoost’s software is designed to provide fully personalized microlearning. Microlearnings provide you with frequent, short, challenging learning activities that help you grow. Microlearnings take into account the individual’s specific development goal, the context in which the individual is developing, and the pace of development. As a result, your development fits perfectly with the delusion of the day.


Boost your growth by applying game mechanics.

WorkBoost uses several game mechanics to make development in the moment more fun. Users get continuous insight into their development progress and are rewarded each microlearning with BoostCoins that they can spend on rewards. Users can also compete against each other in rankings. This directly rewards development and makes it more social.


Give a Boost to development even during busy periods.

WorkBoost helps users stay engaged in their development. In the frenzy of the day, development sometimes loses priority. WorkBoost helps users stay intentional about their development through personalized nudges that connect with the user. Delaying development is no big deal, as long as this gets picked up again. This is where WorkBoost helps.


Boost your view of development, receive reports that provide insight into progress and performance.

WorkBoost’s methodology allows for continuous insight into development. WorkBoost generates daily, weekly or monthly reports that provide insight into user activity, participant reflections, participant development goals and more. Through the use of WorkBoost AI, WorkBoost makes it possible to generate in-depth personalized reports that match development needs.

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