From action to reflection.

Get a grip on development

Daily growth keeps employees motivated and engaged in their development. With WorkBoost, continuous development and growth are encouraged. Our comprehensive set of tools is designed to give employees a daily boost in their development.

The Toolset of WorkBoost

Development is essential, but maintaining growth is challenging. WorkBoost offers versatile tools to support and enhance development, enabling organizations to achieve and optimize effective goals.

Attended AI

WorkBoost uses AI software to create personalized, in-depth assignments, analyze reflections on these assignments, and provide personalized advice in development programs, in collaboration with a Boost Expert.


WorkBoost Software offers micro-learning to promote continuous growth. This ensures that employees continue to develop through frequent, brief learning activities, not just during specific meetings or intensive training sessions.


Keep your employees involved in their development through nudging. WorkBoost uses notifications to actively encourage employees to stay focused on their personal growth amid their daily activities.

Take the learning process within your organization to the next level.

WorkBoost applies a strong, evidence-based methodology to adapt learning processes to each individual’s unique needs, barriers and environmental context.

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Did you know...

Frequency over intensity

Our methodology is optimized to provide students with one (micro) learning experience every day. The pursuit of daily small developments translates into significant growth over time. Moreover, this frequency allows for constant adjustments. Daily learning also means that students can adapt to an ever-changing academic reality every day.

Respect the fad of the day

In education today, students have an average attention span of only 8 seconds, with countless phone distractions throughout the day. Recognizing this changing reality, WorkBoost has developed an approach that is both short enough to hold attention and long enough to provide a valuable daily learning experience.

Encourage development by rewarding

WorkBoost makes learning fun through the use of rewards. Awarding BoostCoins for academic achievement encourages motivation for personal development. WorkBoost enhances the student experience by allowing them to save for shared rewards in their study group.