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The challenge

Ormit Talent, a top Benelux organization, excels in talent development, serving corporate and larger SMB clients through recruitment, staffing, and employee training. Their offerings aid organizations in cultivating future-relevant skills.  Ormit previously experimented with tech solutions but found these solutions unsatisfactory due to lack of contextual relevance, limited actionability, and disruptive impact on daily operations.

Our Solution

WorkBoost was asked to prove to one of their clients in the global automotive and bike industry that our solution can boost cultivating future relevant skills. Specifically, they engaged WorkBoost to address these priorities: provide personalized, actionable support; seamlessly integrate with workflow; and provide unparalleled insights compared to their current offerings.

Key Results

All-time high engagement in the learning programs was realized (80% engagement weekly recurring). 

With an average spent of just 5 minutes per day on the platform, Workboost seamlessly blended in with day-to-day business.

WorkBoost AI supported service s ensured that every learning track was fully tailored to personal development challenge(s) and context. 

WorkBoost’s reporting services provided Ormit Consultants with fully data-backed, actionable insights without the hastle of intensive data collection and analysis. 

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