The WorkBoost Methodology.

Sustainable growth with short Boosts.

Daily growth keeps students motivated and engaged in their development. WorkBoost encourages continuous development and growth through our comprehensive set of tools designed based on scientific research.

Daily development

By combining recent scientific insights with technological advances, WorkBoost has developed a powerful development methodology. The unique WorkBoost approach goes beyond mere educational software; it is a methodology to promote, guide and drive daily development in education.

Encourage a learning mentality

Emphasize continuous growth and daily small improvements over comprehensive, isolated milestones to contribute to consistent progress

Reward engagement

By offering personalized loyalty programs to students through BoostCoins, learning engagement is continuously reinforced and rewarded.

Adaptive Learning

Utilize automatic adaptation and capacity improvement during the learning process, focusing on continuous development and growth rather than being strictly focused on a fixed end goal.

Get a grip on development within your educational institution.

WorkBoost has packaged this methodology into WorkBoost Software that is applied to encourage development in the fad of the day . The WorkBoost Software consists of three concrete technologies applied during development:

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Did you know...

Frequency over intensity

Our methodology is optimized to provide students with one (micro) learning experience every day. The pursuit of daily small developments translates into significant growth over time. Moreover, this frequency allows for constant adjustments. Daily learning also means that students can adapt to an ever-changing academic reality every day.

Respect the fad of the day

In education today, students have an average attention span of only 8 seconds, with countless phone distractions throughout the day. Recognizing this changing reality, WorkBoost has developed an approach that is both short enough to hold attention and long enough to provide a valuable daily learning experience.

Encourage development by rewarding

WorkBoost makes learning fun through the use of rewards. Awarding BoostCoins for academic achievement encourages motivation for personal development. WorkBoost enhances the student experience by allowing them to save for shared rewards in their study group.