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Continuous development?
Boost your future!

WorkBoost for Organizations.

Unleash talent with simple practices and accelerate personal growth without effort.

20% - 65

More proactive work behavior

16% - 38%

Increased engagement and motivation at work

30% - 120%

More creativity and innovation in the workplace

20% - 40%

Increase in performance

Get a grip on development within your organization.



  • determine their own development pace, focus, or goal.
  • are constantly evolving, even outside of formal training.
  • remain more involved in their development.
  • are assessed and guided by growth rather than instances.
  • Obtain a better understanding of individual performance.
  • Create a culture of development in the team.
  • Work with a more motivated and enthusiastic team.
  • can make more informed decisions about staff and trainings.

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Encourage individual growth with personalized learning.

WorkBoost combines AI, agile coaching and micro-actions to reduce workload and encourage personal development.


  • develop through continuous micro-learning sessions.
  • reflect with AI reports that summarize multiple moments of reflection.
  • receive notifications for active involvement in their development.


  • receive summaries on employee´s reflections and development actions.
  • are relieved in organizing the HR cycle.
  • are relieved in shaping (personal) development paths.

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