How do I activate “flexible behavior” in my work with WorkBoost?

Flexibility is crucial in the modern job market. Discover how to develop this skill with WorkBoost: learn the basics, leverage nudging and gamification, encourage experimentation and make flexible behavior a daily routine. Activate and strengthen your flexibility for success at work!

Flexibility is one of the most important skills to possess as an employee in today’s job market. Whether dealing with unexpected situations or working in a dynamic environment, flexibility is the key to success. But how can you activate and strengthen flexibility in your work? With WorkBoost, you can develop and strengthen this skill through the following steps:

Learn the basics of flexible behavior

Before you can activate flexible behavior, it is important to know exactly what it means and what aspects it encompasses. Flexible behavior means being able to adapt to changing circumstances and to understand different perspectives. To develop this skill, you must learn to adopt flexible thinking and working patterns and open yourself up to new ideas.

Make use of nudging and gamification

WorkBoost integrates the latest science on nudging and gamification into your L&D strategy. This means using the power of nudges and gamification to activate and reinforce flexibility. Through nudges, you can influence and encourage unconscious behavior to think and act more flexibly. Through gamification, learning and development becomes fun and challenging. This keeps you motivated to learn new skills and activate flexible behaviors.

Encourage experimentation and reward successes

An important aspect of flexibility is the willingness to experiment and try new solutions. WorkBoost makes experimentation accessible and rewards each experience with BoostCoins. By encouraging experimentation and rewarding successes, you will stay motivated to activate flexible behaviors and come up with new solutions to challenges at work.

Make flexible behavior part of your daily routine

To activate and reinforce flexible behavior, you need to make it part of your daily routine. With WorkBoost, you can have a little learning experience every day to train your flexibility. Practicing this skill regularly will make it become automatic and allow you to be flexible in dealing with different situations at work.

So with WorkBoost, you can activate and reinforce flexible behavior by learning the basics, using nudging and gamification, encouraging experimentation and making flexibility part of your daily routine. By following these steps and integrating them into your work, you will be able to

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