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WorkBoost for Education.

Motivate students to grow during their studies, support their personal development and self-reflection, and reduce administrative pressure.

9% - 14%

Increase in passing rate

8% - 12%

Increase in student achievements

82% - 93%

of students stay engaged through WorkBoost

12% - 17%

Decrease in retakes

Get a grip on development within your educational institution.



  • receive AI summaries of their reflections or exercises.
  • develop at moments that are convenient to them.
  • remain more involved in their courses.
  • work constantly on assignments rather than last-minute.
  • can evaluate more efficiently with their students.
  • have more insight into student growth.
  • experience increased participation during class.
  • receive higher-quality assignments to review.

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Encourage individual growth with personalized learning.

WorkBoost combines AI, agile coaching and microlearning to relieve academic pressure and promote individual student development.


  • learning by doing continuous microlearning sessions.
  • Reflect based on AI-generated reports.
  • are guided in writing assignments.

Teachers ...

  • receive summaries of student actions and reflections.
  • are relieved in engaging students.
  • receive support in shaping (personal) development paths.

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