WorkBoost is a priced and powerful combination of scientifically validated methodology and state-of-the-art boost software.

The WorkBoost methodology

Dr. Jason Gawke has combined the latest scientific insights with IT innovations to develop a powerful behavioral, knowledge and mindset development methodology. WorkBoost is unique because it is not a software solution for learning and development; It is a grounded vision driven by innovative software, intuitive workmethods and a professional community. Consultants, coaches and teachers recognize the power of this way of learning and development. The CES 2023 innovation awardunderscores the power of the WorkBoost Innovation.

The success of the WorkBoost methodology is related to the 3 BOOST development principles. To what extent do you consider these 3 principles when boosting skills and mindset of your employees? Challenge yourself with a Boost Analysis!

The 3 BOOST development principles:

The methodology is optimized to make employees 1 (micro) learning experience richer every day. Every day a small development is over time a big development. In addition, frequency creates room for making adjustments. Learning every day is also being able to adapt to a new reality every day.

The days of long workshops are over: people have an average attention span of 8 seconds and are distracted by their phones at least 400x a day. WorkBoost respects this new reality and has developed a methodology that is short enough for people not to get distracted and long enough to become 1 learning experience richer in a day.

Why does new knowledge often not translate into new work behavior? There is not enough time to experiment and it does not pay off because there is a high probability of things going wrong. WorkBoost makes experimentation accessible and rewards each experience with BoostCoins. In addition, the learning experience is saved so that colleagues can learn from it again!

Secure development principles with the WorkBoost Canvases & Software

The WorkBoost Canvases and Software are specifically designed to secure development principles in any organization.

Boost your L&D strategy

Seamless integration of WorkBoost Software and its workmethods with your existing vision and L&D strategy

Use boost data to optimize

Use boost data to identify accelerators and decelerators in your L&D strategy

Value every development of personnel with BoostCoins

Rewards experiments with desired work behaviors with BoostCoins. Then use BoostCoins to support causes of your choice!

Results after using the WorkBoost Solution

We boost micro increases in skills, knowledge and confidence during a working day so that your team is always prepared to fulfill the roles of tomorrow.

20% - 65%

more proactive learning behavior during work

16% - 38%

Increased engagement and motivation at work

30% - 120%

more creativity and innovation in the workplace

20% - 40%

increase in work and learning performance

Want to apply the WorkBoost methodology yourself?

The power of the WorkBoost methodology has been proven in multiple contexts. This makes knowing this methodology indispensable for any professional engaged in the development of others. Become a Certified Boost Partner and give others a boost their development.

We are awesome team for your business dream

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Description or Workboost platform

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IT Consultancy

We believe brand interaction is key to positive experience the heart of success.

Web Development

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App Development

The process of creating software applications that run on mobile device

Digital Marketing

Component of marketing that uses the Internet and online based digital

Right Solutions

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Responsive Site

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Clean Design

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Process Research

The actions happening while thing is happening or being done

Science Partners

WorkBoost works closely with educational institutions to ensure that the methodology remains closely aligned with the latest scholarship.

More on this soon!