A certified partner network

The WorkBoost Method is available through our network of certified partners of consultants, trainers, coaches and teachers. They are a passionate community of knowledgeable professionals. Each partner is a trusted member of our team, empowered to deploy and improve the WorkBoost Method. Together, we refine the WorkBoost method and software and help organizatons develop a sustainable learning culture and tackle their most "wicked" L&D challenges.

We are always looking for partners who share our mission. Will you be our next partner?

The Boost Community

The WorkBoost community is the place where boost-partners and clients meet (online and offline) to share knowledge and experiences. In addition to exchange, each participant will receive a knowledge boost by Dr. Jason Gawke. He will share the latest insights around boosting, nudging and behavioral interventions and how to implement this knowledge in your day to day practice. And ofcourse you are free to ask him anything!

Each meeting has a different theme. Check the calendar below for more information. Are you interested in attending our BOOST community meetings? Feel free to apply!

WorkBoost in het Onderwijs

Utrecht University werkt succesvol samen met WorkBoost om formatief onderwijs te implementeren. Denk hierbij aan…


WorkBoost bij Bedrijven

Nieman groep is de partner voor complexe vraagstukken in de gebouwde omgeving. Nieman zet WorkBoost…


WorkBoost bij de Overheid

Rijkswaterstaat zet WorkBoost succesvol in om snel en effectief nieuwe vaardigheden en kennis eigen te…


Blogs and themes

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More information

Are you interested in this methodology and would you like to know more? Contact us at info@workboost.nl